Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan

Gaito & Associates, LLC is part of the Stromberg-Garrigan project team tasked with developing a comprehensive redevelopment plan for Carlisle, PA.   With the closing of three manufacturing plants in 2008, 2009 and 2010, more than 800 jobs were lost and the community was faced with a cluster of brownfields that were impacting nearby neighborhoods and key economic assets.  Yet, the community is poised to drive progress in this brownfields area with new economic engines.  The Borough and several partners have engaged our project team to develop a cohesive plan for redevelopment in a manner that directly connects the redevelopment of these three sites to Historic Downtown Carlisle, as well as several of the key economic drivers in Carlisle.  One of the keys to success is the accelerated planning schedule that is being implemented.  This rapid pace will better position the Borough to pursue funding and partnerships needed for implementation of the plan’s recommendations.

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Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan


Carlisle Tire & Wheel Redevelopment

Central Pennsylvania

Gaito & Associates is under contract with the property owner/private developer who will remediate and redevelop the Former Carlisle Tire & Wheel facility in Carlisle.  G&A’s roles on the project include the securing of public funding; community and local government relations; and state agency and regulatory agency liaison.  Redevelopment will include reopening of a local streets involving coordination with PennDOT and local government authorities.  To date, Gaito & Associates has secured almost $200,000 for site investigation and facilitated expedited review of the assessment work plan by PADEP.

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PennDOT Environmental Open End Contracts/Western PA Transit Authority

PennDOT Environmental Open End Contracts/Western PA Transit Authority


Western PA Transit Authority


Gaito & Associates is a member of several consulting teams that provide technical assistance to PennDOT.  Gaito & Associates’ role is to serve as the regulatory agency liaison for projects that involve properties that require remediation prior to redevelopment into transportation-oriented facilities. In addition to overseeing PA voluntary cleanup program activities, G&A’s role also includes coordination with state transportation and environmental agencies as well as the US Federal Transportation Agency and coordination of public funding utilization.  Gaito & Associates’ participation on these teams provides these firms the opportunity to meet WBE/DBE participation requirements.

IAC/Masland Property Redevelopment

Central Pennsylvania

Former Masland/Lear/IAC Facility

Gaito & Associates is under contract with the local property owner working to redevelop the former Masland/Lear/IAC facility.  G&A’s roles on the project includes:

  • oversight of PA Act2 process;
  • assistance with the attraction of private development investors;
  • community and local government relations; and
  • state agency and regulatory agency liaison including both PADEP and PennDOT as applicable.

Gaito & Associates is also working closely with the environmental attorney for the project and PADEP to facilitate expedited completion of the Act 2 Voluntary Cleanup program.

Cities of Ranson and Charles Town EPA Area-Wide Brownfields Planning

Ranson, West Virginia

Teamed with Stromberg-Garrigan & Associates as a as the Brownfield Redevelopment Specialist and Regulatory Liaison serving the Cities of Ranson and Charles Town’s efforts to revitalize their urban cores.   The City of Ranson was one of only two communities in the U.S. to receive funding from the U.S. EPA, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and U.S. Department of Transportation for Sustainable Communities Planning in 2010.  This team has been working on brownfield redevelopment in these cities for over a decade. View Project Website.

Borough of Monaca/Ohio River Communities EPA Area‐Wide Planning Grant

Monaca, PA

Serving as the Brownfield Redevelopment Specialist and Regulatory Liaison as a subconsultant to Stromberg-Garrigan & Associates, Inc., the efforts include identifying potential future uses for brownfields properties, creating a set of area-wide, community revitalization strategies that will help ensure successful assessment, cleanup and reuse of the brownfield site(s), and developing strategies for facilitating the reuse of existing infrastructure.

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